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Merry Christmas

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First of all, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful christmas!
I can't believe it's only 5 days before entering 2013. Time moves so freaking fast.

Anyway, How's your christmas? Mine sucks. Spending my days with friends... actually, there were some dick heads with me, so that's probably why my christmas kinda suck.
The good news is I got a christmas present from my sister!

I've been wanting this book since I watched the movie. The movie is.... AMAZING! Seriously, you should watch it!
I'm dying to know the end of the story and thank goodness my sister bought it for me. I'm in love with her.
Not only this... I got another book last week. Well, it's not actually a christmas gift, but I count it as one

The Indonesian of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone is out of print and I think it's not going to be printed anymore. I'm dying for this one and my oh my, my friend gave this to me... for free! Thank you Adrian!

For a bookworm, these two books mean something. Cheer and Joy. Merry christmas!

Book Review: The Casual Vacancy

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If there's one thing you should never done is doubt J.K Rowling's writing!
I still remember it vividly, how excited I was when the book arrived at my house. I wanted the english version but it was so expensive, so I pre-ordered the Indonesian version instead.

The Casual Vacancy is the first adult fiction written by J.K Rowling. The novel is set in a suburban West Country town called Pagford and begins with the death of Parish Councillor Barry Fairbrother. Subsequently, a seat on the council is vacant and a war breaks out before the election for his successor takes place. Factions develop, particularly concerning whether to dissociate with a local council estate, "the Fields" — which Barry supported an alliance with. However, those running for a place soon find their darkest secrets revealed on the Parish Council online forum, ruining their campaign and leaving the election in turmoil. (source: Wikipedia)

I've never read any adult fiction in my entire life. But this, this book is an exception. J.K Rowling is amazing! The story goes so fast. Can you believe that there's actually more than 30 characters in the books? And all of them are related. The book is so unpredictable, just like Harry Potter.
I love how J.K Rowling put lots of politic issues in this book. Also the psychology illness, such as OCD.
There's also lots of social issues; Free Sex, Bullying, and many others. It's like I'm reading a newspaper, it's like everything in this book is for real. I don't want it to end. I want to know everything about the characters. When I reached the last page, I felt like my whole life is falling apart. "Is this the end? For real?"

I love how J.K Rowling makes every characters in this book important. Even when they're not the main character, you just love them or hate them.
I adore The Casual Vacancy, it's like the best book I've ever read in my entire life, even better than Harry Potter.
J.K Rowling, once again, shows me what magic is. I hope she lives forever so there will be still tons of book written by her.

I learn many things from The Casual Vacancy. Politic, Life, Teenagers.... I'm out of words... This book is freaking amazing!

Movie Review: Perahu Kertas


Is it too late for this?
This movie was released when it's impossible for me to watch it, but since there's a nice guy uploaded the full movie on Youtube, I could finally watch it.
The soon after I watched it, I knew I have to write this.
There are only two things in this world that can make me happy, Good Movies & Good Music.
Perahu Kertas is beautiful. Hanung Bramanto is brilliant. Dee is an amazing writer. I'd read the book before I watched the movie, and it was fantastic. The writing is beautiful, the story moves so fast just like the movie, made me couldn't stop reading it.

The movie is amazing, just amazing. All the paintings, the scenario, the beautiful views of Bali, Bandung and Jakarta. The casts are great, I love Maudy Ayunda. She's the perfect Kugy.
The movie moves so fast, cutting all the boring parts from the book. I just love it. I don't really into Drama movie, especially the ones with predictable story and lame scenario, but this is an exception, Perahu Kertas is perfect.
This movie is about love, dreams and friendship. A movie that seriously make me thinking that not all the Indonesian Movies are trash. There are some that's really good, including Perahu Kertas.
I haven't watched the part 2 yet, but I'm looking forward to see it.
Oh, I don't forget to mention the beautiful soundtrack. "Perahu Kertas" & "Tahu Diri" by Maudy Ayunda are beautiful. Fits perfectly with the movie.

Go watch it!


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This week is the best and worst at the same time.
Best, because my room is finally done! Nicely decorated, white wall, new tiles. Everything's just perfect! I cleaned my bookshelf, putting my new books into it... and I think I need a new bookshelf.

Oh yeah, I got that plastic flower from my school's event. I just can't find a reason to throw it away.... so there it is.. (Yeah, I know this is actually not a bookshelf)

How about a little share? I'd listed my 2012 books.. Here they are:
1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
2. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
3. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
4. Divergent by Veronica Roth
5. Insurgent by Veronica Roth
6. The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore
7. Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore
8. The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling
9. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
10. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
11. The Tales of Beedles The Bard by J.K Rowling

The list is still going and I'm hoping to get Lord of The Rings Boxset before the end of the year.

Okay, enough with the best part. This week is the worst because.... yeah you know, the exam week. I don't think I need to explain why I'm having a rough week.

Have a lovely December everyone!

Exam Week

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Okay, it's on now! The exam week is finally started. I think I still can't handle the pressure. After a very long time being all lazy and not studying, I've finally back on track, reading all the text books whatsoever.

I don't really have anything in mind today, but I just want to share about how happy I was. My copy of City of Bones is finally here. It just arrived this afternoon.

I also got this nice bookmark. That's the advantage from buying book on
So, I'm still working on my to-buy books list. There's only LOTR Boxset left. I hope I could get it as soon as the exam week is finish

Catching Fire On-Set Photos

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What do you think? I'm so excited for the second series of The Hunger Games; Catching Fire movie. The On-Set photos excite me even more!
Catching Fire will be released worldwide on November 22nd, next year

Indo Book Fair

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Yesterday, I visited Indo Book Fair, hoping to get lots of books. I was looking for City of Bones and it was out of stock! Fudge...
All the The Mortal Instruments series were 40% off and the one I wanted to buy was out of stock. JUST PERFECT!
I was mad! But nothing to do, so I just wandering around looking for other books. Guess what I found yesterday?

Yes, they were selling The Casual Vacancy! I found lots of book stands selling it, including Mizan. It's 20 % off! A nice deal. The Casual Vacancy Indonesian Version will be available in every bookstore starting this November 30th.

Mizan Book Stand was my favorite! Lots of best-seller books were sold there with a very nice discount! I got Shatter Me for only 45.000 IDR! (Original Price: 65.000 IDR)

It has a glossy cover which really annoys me. I don't like it, but I guess this is a great book to read!
I almost bought Clockwork Angel (Prequel from The Mortal Instruments) but I changed my mind in the very last minute, so yeah, I went home with only one book in my hand.
Not only Clockwork Angel, I was also "this" close to buy The Lost Symbols by Dan Brown! It was 50% off but I decided not to.
So at the end, I went home, ordered City of Bones from
I've spent too much money for books this month!
I'm out of money and yeah.... I guess there won't be any birthday gift for anyone until next month. I feel bad.

I'm still reading The Casual Vacancy. There's no joke when they say it's for Adult. It's for adult! The story is so complicated and there are too MANY characters! I can't even remember all the names!
But I still love it anyway... I mean... It's J.K Rowling's!

The Casual Vacancy

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I had a boring church meeting this afternoon till evening. When I arrived at home, guess what I found?

It just arrived! My copy of THE CASUAL VACANCY! I was so excited! I've been waiting for this book and it's finally mine!

The inside cover is AMAZING! No wonder people are talking about it on twitter. I love the outside cover as well, but God the inside cover is even cooler!

The bonus is this nice tote bag and a keychain. Just to be clear, this is a BONUS which means it's free, it comes along with the book. So yeah people, relax, I didn't buy this girly bag. Hahahaha...

The Casual Vacancy is now one of my favorite book that's going in to my book rack along with Divergent, Insurgent, The Rise of Nine & The Tales of Beedle The Bard. Oh yeah, just if you wondering, there are two Divergent version I have, the Indonesian & English version. Thanks to all of my best buddies (Love you guys with all my heart) for giving me the English version ― also The Rise of Nine ― for my birthday gift!
I'm going to read The Casual Vacancy as soon as possible and there will be a review about it (I'm talking to people who's looking for a review about The Casual Vacancy).

Hopefully, tomorrow I could visit Indo Book Fair at Istora Senayan. I'm totally gonna buy City of Bones and probably other books there.

Okay, I have articles that haven't been done yet. Have a great Saturday Night people!

Most-Wanted Books

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The end of the year is near and I'm making a list of books that I'm going to get before the end of the year. Here it goes....

1. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I've been hearing about this book for a very long time. Though it has reached Book #5, I'm going to get it anyway. I love the synopsis and I guess I'm going to love the book either. The movie is coming soon at 2013. You can check my post about it.

2. Shatter Me

Honestly, I'm not really interested with this one. The review I've read on Goodreads wasn't good. But lots of people talking about it and I'm not a person that can't sit and not reading books that lots of people talk about. So yeah... going to get it and judge it by myself.

3. Lord of The Rings Box Set

THIS! I've been wanting to get this box set but it was out of stock. Since The Hobbit movie is going to be released anytime soon, the books are published with these new cool covers! I think the price for the box set is worth it. I'm going to save all of money for this! I'm not really into Fantasy book, but I'll try reading Lord of The Rings since it's really famous

Done! These are books that I want to buy before the end of the year. Hopefully I can get all of them before the end of the year which quite impossible.

Friday Night (Breaking Dawn Movie Review)

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Pretty excited tonight! Guess what? I had finally got a chance to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2! Yeah that's right, you can spoil anything about the movie now, I won't care because I know as well about it! Hahahahaha...

Okay, stop with the evil laugh. Tonight was quite relaxing my mind. I need it!

Too bad I watched Breaking Dawn at this lame Cinema that so close from my home. The screen wasn't really good as well as the audio. But good movie is good movie, it didn't really matter.
I know lots of people hate Twilight Saga, I'm not its biggest fan either. As a moviegoer, I think we can't judge a movie without even seeing it first. Because I had watched it and as any other movie lover, I'd say the movie is great! Well-developed. All the cast are amazing. The story is still pretty stupid (I still don't understand how the hell Edward Cullen has his erection. His blood is not flowing anymore!) but other aspects from the movie were quite good, forcing me to take my two thumbs up!
The war scene was freaking cool! Giving me goosebumps attack, I just couldn't help it. I always love Volturi and seeing them back in the movie was great.
Kristen Stewart was magnificent and....HOT! Mackenzie Foy (Renesmee) was incredibly beautiful. This girl will be a superstar! Her acting is good even though she's only 12 years old.
At the end, Breaking Dawn deserves 4 points out of 5!

Look what I got! The Tales of Beedle The Bard (Indonesian Version). The book I've been wanting to buy. I got a nice discount for it, 25%! So I decided to buy it. This is going to be my bedtime story for awhile.
I also saw the Indonesian version of Shatter Me! Also I have to mention this, I SAW THE BOXSET OF THE LORD OF THE RING (NEW COVER; INDONESIAN VERSION) AT THE BOOKSTORE TODAY!

I have a lot of books that need to be bought A.S.A.P!
Oh yeah, I'm going to visit Indonesia Book Fair at Istora Senayan, either tomorrow or this Sunday. There's a lot of discount for books, and I think I'm going to buy City of Bones there. I'm totally gonna make a post about my visit to Indonesia Book Fair!
Oh yeah, my copy of THE CASUAL VACANCY is being delivered. I guess it will arrive this weekend or Monday. Can't wait for it!

Have a great Friday Night everybody


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Trailer)

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Youtube is giving me a goosebumps attack. Yesterday, I watched THE HOST trailer and literally freaked out by its awesomeness. This morning I just watched another amazing trailer, THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES!!
I haven't read the book nor own it. I'm looking forward to get one, but I haven't decided which version I'm going to buy, the English or the Indonesian version. Okay, less talking more awesomeness. Here's the trailer for you to watch.

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES will be released on August 23rd, 2013. Another book adaptation movie for 2013 besides The Hunger Games: Catching Fire & The Host.

CLARY FRAY (Lily Collins) is an ordinary Brooklyn teenager until the night she meets the mysteriously tattooed JACE, who turns out to be a half-angel warrior known as a Shadowhunter. When Clary finds out her mother JOCELYN has been abducted, she desperately hopes Jace will be able to help. After a whirling golden portal transports her across time and space in a heartbeat, Clary realizes she too has the powers of the Shadowhunters. But can she harness them in time to save her mother?

Clary, Jace and their fellow Shadowhunters endure one breathtaking battle after another against vampire, warlocks and demons—only to discover Jocelyn hid a terrible secret from the fiercest warrior of all: VALENTINE. Cast out from the world of Shadowhunters, Valentine abducted Jocelyn believing she had a powerful tool known as the Mortal Cup. Using her newfound gifts, Clary finds the Cup, only to be brutally betrayed and forced to relinquish it.

Still reeling from this setback and racing to save Jocelyn before it’s too late, Clary finds herself caught in a battle between forces she barely understands. Based on the best-selling series by Cassandra Clare, THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES is a magnificent urban fantasy rich in detail and suspense, about a girl’s journey to the darkest corners of the underworld to save those she loves.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Logo Revealed

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 Yes, the rumor is true! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire logo is finally revealed


Too bad the video is not available again due to the copyright issue
The movie tagline is awesome!


Sounds cool for me!
The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, will be released on November 22nd, 2013

The Host (New Trailer)

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It's out people, it's out! I remember reading the book long long ago and I never finished it. Yes, I'm talking about THE HOST, a book by Stephenie Meyer. Yes, she's the one who writes Twilight Saga. Don't hate on her people, or me. Because seriously THE HOST is nothing like Twilight Saga, not even close. THE HOST is way better than Twilight. I love it, but I just can't finish the book. Maybe because there are lots of cheesy romantic story and too much chit chat which I can't take. But I believe the movie is going to be so much better! So yeah, I'm still excited for it.

Yes, Melanie Stryder is played by Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones as Susie Salmon). And you're asking me why I'm so excited? I love her! She's the best and I think she's going to make this movie HUGE!
THE HOST will be released on March 29rd, 2013. Worth to be waited!

Earth has been inhabited by an intelligent alien species known as "Souls." Although an incredibly peaceful race, Souls can only survive by being inserted into a host body, taking control of their minds. In an effort to discover the secret whereabouts of some of the last remaining human resistances, the Soul Wanderer has been inserted into the human being Melanie Stryder, who was captured while attempting to locate her family. After insertion, Wanderer comes to realize an unsettling fact- Melanie has not faded away in consciousness, and in fact is putting up walls in her mind to prevent her family from being found. As time passes and Wanderer tries to break Melanie's walls, she begins to feel sympathetic toward the humans Melanie loves so dearly- her brother Jamie and her partner, Jared Howe. Wanderer becomes torn between loyalty to her own race, trying to give information to the argumentative Seeker assigned to her, and her blossoming love for the humans in her memories. As Wanderer's and Melanie's trust builds, they embark on a journey through the desert to find the resistance, nearly dying in the process. Wanderer awakens to find herself captive in the den of the enemy, and realizes her problems have just begun: the humans want her dead, the doctor wants to experiment on her, she may have accidentally lead the Seekers here, and she has become hopelessly in love with Jared, the man who belongs to the human she occupies. What follows is an inspiring story of friendship, love, and loyalty in which the bonds of human brotherhood are tested, and an alien discovers that in all the planets in the universe she has experienced, humans are the only race she would give her life to save

Casting For Four: Down To Four!

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For all the Divergent Trilogy Fans, I have a good news! The casting for four is now down to four!
Film studio Summit Entertainment has narrowed down Four casting into four actors after being tested their chemistry with Shailene Woodley (Tris).

So here we go, the four actors:

Monte Carlo (2011) as Riley

Well, he has least movie experience among the other candidates. I don't even know who the hell he is

Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009) as Travis Brody, X-Men First Class (2011) as Alex Summer

Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012) as Dean Mcmullen

What do you guys think? In my own opinion, neither of them is good enough to be Four. I don't know... they just don't fit with my imagination of how Four would probably look like in real life.
If I have to choose on, I'll go for Lucas Till. I totally not agree with Luke Bracey. Isn't he look kinda old to be Four? Not him, please. Brenton Thwaites would probably good but..... no, Lucas Till is the best.
I can't wait for the movie to be on production and release (/ks)