Movie Review: Perahu Kertas

Is it too late for this?
This movie was released when it's impossible for me to watch it, but since there's a nice guy uploaded the full movie on Youtube, I could finally watch it.
The soon after I watched it, I knew I have to write this.
There are only two things in this world that can make me happy, Good Movies & Good Music.
Perahu Kertas is beautiful. Hanung Bramanto is brilliant. Dee is an amazing writer. I'd read the book before I watched the movie, and it was fantastic. The writing is beautiful, the story moves so fast just like the movie, made me couldn't stop reading it.

The movie is amazing, just amazing. All the paintings, the scenario, the beautiful views of Bali, Bandung and Jakarta. The casts are great, I love Maudy Ayunda. She's the perfect Kugy.
The movie moves so fast, cutting all the boring parts from the book. I just love it. I don't really into Drama movie, especially the ones with predictable story and lame scenario, but this is an exception, Perahu Kertas is perfect.
This movie is about love, dreams and friendship. A movie that seriously make me thinking that not all the Indonesian Movies are trash. There are some that's really good, including Perahu Kertas.
I haven't watched the part 2 yet, but I'm looking forward to see it.
Oh, I don't forget to mention the beautiful soundtrack. "Perahu Kertas" & "Tahu Diri" by Maudy Ayunda are beautiful. Fits perfectly with the movie.

Go watch it!

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