Book Review: The Casual Vacancy

If there's one thing you should never done is doubt J.K Rowling's writing!
I still remember it vividly, how excited I was when the book arrived at my house. I wanted the english version but it was so expensive, so I pre-ordered the Indonesian version instead.

The Casual Vacancy is the first adult fiction written by J.K Rowling. The novel is set in a suburban West Country town called Pagford and begins with the death of Parish Councillor Barry Fairbrother. Subsequently, a seat on the council is vacant and a war breaks out before the election for his successor takes place. Factions develop, particularly concerning whether to dissociate with a local council estate, "the Fields" — which Barry supported an alliance with. However, those running for a place soon find their darkest secrets revealed on the Parish Council online forum, ruining their campaign and leaving the election in turmoil. (source: Wikipedia)

I've never read any adult fiction in my entire life. But this, this book is an exception. J.K Rowling is amazing! The story goes so fast. Can you believe that there's actually more than 30 characters in the books? And all of them are related. The book is so unpredictable, just like Harry Potter.
I love how J.K Rowling put lots of politic issues in this book. Also the psychology illness, such as OCD.
There's also lots of social issues; Free Sex, Bullying, and many others. It's like I'm reading a newspaper, it's like everything in this book is for real. I don't want it to end. I want to know everything about the characters. When I reached the last page, I felt like my whole life is falling apart. "Is this the end? For real?"

I love how J.K Rowling makes every characters in this book important. Even when they're not the main character, you just love them or hate them.
I adore The Casual Vacancy, it's like the best book I've ever read in my entire life, even better than Harry Potter.
J.K Rowling, once again, shows me what magic is. I hope she lives forever so there will be still tons of book written by her.

I learn many things from The Casual Vacancy. Politic, Life, Teenagers.... I'm out of words... This book is freaking amazing!

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