Jakarta Bookstore for Imported Books

It's not a secret that buying imported books in Indonesia is quite hard and expensive.

There are several bookstores that have imported books collection on their shelves around the country but most of their collections aren't satisfying.

I've been wanting to make this post since I first started this blog. Hopefully it would help you to find the perfect bookstore including online bookstore to buy your new books. The bookstores I listed down below are the ones that located in Jakarta. Some of them have their branches in other city as well. You can check their website which I will link it for you. Here we go!

1. Books Kinokuniya

Books Kinokuniya is a bookstore originally from Japan. It has lots of branches around the world and we're quite lucky to have it in Jakarta.

There are three Kinokuniya in Jakarta which all located at big mall: Grand Indonesia, Plaza Senayan and Pondok Indah Mall.

Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan has the biggest store with the most complete collections. You can find new releases books here. It also has lots of hardcover books which really hard to find in Indonesia. If you're a fan of Young Adult Fiction, Kinokuniya will be your heaven. It has all the newest YA Fiction in paperback form. Unfortunately, the price is crazy here. Most of the paperbacks start from 130.000 IDR. Some of the books are ridiculously expensive, twice (sometimes triple) the original price in US. If you're looking for classic literature, Kinokuniya has a really great collections including the Penguin Classic Edition.
Not only English literature, it also has collection of Japanese and Chinese literature.I recommend Kinokuniya if you want to go bookshopping and feeling satisfied with the collection, but brace your wallet because it won't be cheap.

Twitter @kinokuniya_indo

2. Periplus

Periplus is one of my favorite bookstore. The collection isn't as complete as Kinokuniya, but it has a great collection as well.

The price is so much cheaper than Kinokuniya. It has lots of Mass Market Paperback collections, so if you're a fan of MMP, this is a perfect store for you.

Periplus has lots of branches around Jakarta and other cities. My favorite store are the ones that located at Plaza Indonesia and Plaza Senayan. I got most of my books from Periplus, especially the online store.
Periplus.com has been established since last year (if I'm not mistaken). It's currently developing its online store. Periplus.com is so far the best imported books online store in the country! You can order any kind of books on the website and it will ship the book directly from US. The biggest advantage is you don't have to pay the shipping cost from US to Indonesia. You only have to pay the shipping cost from its office to your home. Isn't it great? I bought some of my hardcover books from the website and it's satisfying. The service is fast and excellent, though the customer service is really bad sometime. Also some of the books are in wrong category. I bought two hardcovers which turned out to be paperbacks. It was really disappointing sometime, but I'll still recommend Periplus.com. Periplus is so far the best bookstore. It has the best price and discount.

Twitter @periplus_store

3. Aksara 

This is like the coolest bookstore ever! Well, technically it's not a bookstore, but there are some books here. You can find indie band CDs and lots of cute and weird stuff. Most of the books here are classic.

I'd say this store is dedicated for fellow hipsters and also rich South Jakarta citizens. The price is insanely expensive. I never bought anything here.
Aksara is located at Plaza Indonesia and also Kemang district. Go check this cool store if you happen to be at the area!


4. Gramedia

As you know Gramedia is the biggest bookstore in Indonesia. There are literally Gramedia at every mall in Indonesia. Most of the books are local books but if you're lucky you can find imported books as well.

Most of Gramedia that have imported books are the ones that located in South and Central area of Jakarta. Grand Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall, Central Park are few that has imported books.

The price is so much expensive than Periplus, but it's cheaper than Aksara and Kinokuniya.

5. Books & Beyond

It was known as Times Bookstore until it changed its name into Books & Beyond.

There are only few Books & Beyond stores around Jakarta: Plaza Senayan, Pluit Village, Pacific Place.
The biggest store is the one at UPH karawaci.

It has a really cheap book compare to other books store, but it has the smallest store and also only few interesting collections.
If you happen to have the member card of Books & Beyond, you have a really great privilege. Not only you get 10% discount for every purchase without minimum payment, you also get special discount for its monthly promo starting from 20% off discount.

It's now developing an online bookstore as well. The price is cheaper and for member card holder will also get 10% discount for every purchase online. Not only that, for every purchase more than 100.000 IDR you get free shipping (For Jakarta area only). Great, isn't it? I've been buying my books from Books & Beyond this April and I'm satisfied. The process is really fast. You order the book, you pay it and confirm your payment. In about few hours, you will get an email, informing you that your item is now ready to ship. Everything happen in one freaking day! I highly recommend the online bookstore.
Oh yeah, as for the collection on the website isn't that satisfying but it's quite good. I'm hoping for more collections in the future.


I hope this can help you to decide which bookstore is the perfect one to fulfill your book buying needs. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment down below. I'd happy to answer it.

Go get your books, bookworms!

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7 Responses to “Jakarta Bookstore for Imported Books”

  1. UPH Karawaci is the nearest imported bookstore from my house and I agree that the collection is not that many like Periplus/Kinokuniya, but the price, compared to others, is way more cheap. I once checked the price for Mockingjay in Gramedia, it was IDR110.000 when in Books & Beyond it was only IDR88.000, excluding the 10% discount for members. Interesting post, btw!

    1. Yes, it's just too bad B&B doesn't add more books to its collection. Thanks, that means a lot. It's really hard for me to find an article or blog post about imported bookstore in Jakarta, so I thought I'd just make one so others can find it.

  2. I've tried www.bookdepository.com a while a go,it's quite satisfying since they've got free delivery to Indonesia so the price sometimes cheaper than in periplus.com or in kinokuniya/periplus store. Give it a try, although the delivery took times through the royal air maik,it's worth the waiting surely

  3. There's actually one other great online bookstore called opentrolley.co.id. They mostly have cheaper price than Periplus' online bookstore and that's great. They sometimes have great discounts too. Great post by the way, thanks for the info on B&B, will definitely check it out.

  4. I usually buy at Periplus because the location is very strategic. I can buy some while waiting for my flight, at some airports in Indonesia. And yes, highly appreciated for their online store, the price is truly cheaper when it's come the sale time, and I feel satisfy with their package and delivery. For people who live outside Jakarta, it's a big help to get many great literature :) Nice posting and I'll try Kinokinuya at Jakarta, compare with my last visit at Kinokinuya Singapore :)

  5. I live really close to B&B bookstore in UPH Karawaci and they sell lots of interesting books, although they're a bit late to store new books rather than Kinokuniya or Periplus. An interesting post, anyway! :D