Indo Book Fair

Yesterday, I visited Indo Book Fair, hoping to get lots of books. I was looking for City of Bones and it was out of stock! Fudge...
All the The Mortal Instruments series were 40% off and the one I wanted to buy was out of stock. JUST PERFECT!
I was mad! But nothing to do, so I just wandering around looking for other books. Guess what I found yesterday?

Yes, they were selling The Casual Vacancy! I found lots of book stands selling it, including Mizan. It's 20 % off! A nice deal. The Casual Vacancy Indonesian Version will be available in every bookstore starting this November 30th.

Mizan Book Stand was my favorite! Lots of best-seller books were sold there with a very nice discount! I got Shatter Me for only 45.000 IDR! (Original Price: 65.000 IDR)

It has a glossy cover which really annoys me. I don't like it, but I guess this is a great book to read!
I almost bought Clockwork Angel (Prequel from The Mortal Instruments) but I changed my mind in the very last minute, so yeah, I went home with only one book in my hand.
Not only Clockwork Angel, I was also "this" close to buy The Lost Symbols by Dan Brown! It was 50% off but I decided not to.
So at the end, I went home, ordered City of Bones from
I've spent too much money for books this month!
I'm out of money and yeah.... I guess there won't be any birthday gift for anyone until next month. I feel bad.

I'm still reading The Casual Vacancy. There's no joke when they say it's for Adult. It's for adult! The story is so complicated and there are too MANY characters! I can't even remember all the names!
But I still love it anyway... I mean... It's J.K Rowling's!

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