The Casual Vacancy

I had a boring church meeting this afternoon till evening. When I arrived at home, guess what I found?

It just arrived! My copy of THE CASUAL VACANCY! I was so excited! I've been waiting for this book and it's finally mine!

The inside cover is AMAZING! No wonder people are talking about it on twitter. I love the outside cover as well, but God the inside cover is even cooler!

The bonus is this nice tote bag and a keychain. Just to be clear, this is a BONUS which means it's free, it comes along with the book. So yeah people, relax, I didn't buy this girly bag. Hahahaha...

The Casual Vacancy is now one of my favorite book that's going in to my book rack along with Divergent, Insurgent, The Rise of Nine & The Tales of Beedle The Bard. Oh yeah, just if you wondering, there are two Divergent version I have, the Indonesian & English version. Thanks to all of my best buddies (Love you guys with all my heart) for giving me the English version ― also The Rise of Nine ― for my birthday gift!
I'm going to read The Casual Vacancy as soon as possible and there will be a review about it (I'm talking to people who's looking for a review about The Casual Vacancy).

Hopefully, tomorrow I could visit Indo Book Fair at Istora Senayan. I'm totally gonna buy City of Bones and probably other books there.

Okay, I have articles that haven't been done yet. Have a great Saturday Night people!

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