Friday Night (Breaking Dawn Movie Review)

Pretty excited tonight! Guess what? I had finally got a chance to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2! Yeah that's right, you can spoil anything about the movie now, I won't care because I know as well about it! Hahahahaha...

Okay, stop with the evil laugh. Tonight was quite relaxing my mind. I need it!

Too bad I watched Breaking Dawn at this lame Cinema that so close from my home. The screen wasn't really good as well as the audio. But good movie is good movie, it didn't really matter.
I know lots of people hate Twilight Saga, I'm not its biggest fan either. As a moviegoer, I think we can't judge a movie without even seeing it first. Because I had watched it and as any other movie lover, I'd say the movie is great! Well-developed. All the cast are amazing. The story is still pretty stupid (I still don't understand how the hell Edward Cullen has his erection. His blood is not flowing anymore!) but other aspects from the movie were quite good, forcing me to take my two thumbs up!
The war scene was freaking cool! Giving me goosebumps attack, I just couldn't help it. I always love Volturi and seeing them back in the movie was great.
Kristen Stewart was magnificent and....HOT! Mackenzie Foy (Renesmee) was incredibly beautiful. This girl will be a superstar! Her acting is good even though she's only 12 years old.
At the end, Breaking Dawn deserves 4 points out of 5!

Look what I got! The Tales of Beedle The Bard (Indonesian Version). The book I've been wanting to buy. I got a nice discount for it, 25%! So I decided to buy it. This is going to be my bedtime story for awhile.
I also saw the Indonesian version of Shatter Me! Also I have to mention this, I SAW THE BOXSET OF THE LORD OF THE RING (NEW COVER; INDONESIAN VERSION) AT THE BOOKSTORE TODAY!

I have a lot of books that need to be bought A.S.A.P!
Oh yeah, I'm going to visit Indonesia Book Fair at Istora Senayan, either tomorrow or this Sunday. There's a lot of discount for books, and I think I'm going to buy City of Bones there. I'm totally gonna make a post about my visit to Indonesia Book Fair!
Oh yeah, my copy of THE CASUAL VACANCY is being delivered. I guess it will arrive this weekend or Monday. Can't wait for it!

Have a great Friday Night everybody


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