The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Exclusive Teaser Trailer

How long have I been waiting for this? I'm not sure. Maybe since the first time I watched The Hunger Games. Maybe since I heard that they were filming Catching Fire. I can't be sure. But I'm sure enough, I've always been excited for a little spoiler. Photos from the set, Teaser poster and trailer. Have you ever watched a 2 minutes long teaser trailer? Does it called as teaser when it's two minutes long? Yes, it is. Why?

Because this trailer nearly gives me nothing. No appearance of the other tributes. No Quarter Quell scene. There's no hint how the arena gonna look like. This trailer is teasing me. I hate it. I want the actual trailer to release... NOW!

I love the music in this trailer. I love President Snow's speech though it sounds kind of cruel. We all hate him, but he has the charisma of being a cruel old man. There's a scene of Gale being whipped. The rebel old guy that got shot in the head for doing the three fingers thing. The rebellion in other district. Primrose Everdeen.

I can't imagine how the actual trailer gonna look like. Seriously.
The teaser trailer is so awesome that I got chill.
I can't wait for the actual trailer.
I can't wait to reread the book.
I can't wait for the movie.

November 22nd, 2013. It's gonna worth the wait guys. Believe me.

May the odds be ever in your favor, tributes.


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