Failed Book Shopping

I wasn't supposed to buy any books this month. But when I heard that Periplus was having 50% off book sale, I couldn't help it. Just if you wonder, the sale is still on until May 5th. I warn you, don't put your expectation too high for the book sale.

Yesterday, I went to Pondok Indah Mall a.k.a PIM. I was hoping to get lots of cheap books. The books were actually cheap but the condition were ugly. I was about to buy: Pure By Julianna Baggot but the condition of the book was terrifying, so I decided not to buy it. Most of the books that have been on sale were in Mass Paperback and I hate Mass Paperback. I can't read a book with suck paper quality.

In the end I didn't buy any books from Periplus. But it didn't mean I didn't get new book. So I went to Kinokuniya and bought one book. I couldn't help it. It was Hardcover and the price was crazy.

The Selection By Kiera Cass.
Guess how much for this beautiful hardcover copy?
It was only 117.000 IDR. Not it wasn't on discount, it was the original price. I didn't really understand how the hardcover could be much cheaper than the paperback. I just bought it without any second thought.

The main reason I've been wanting to read this book is because my best friend from Junior High wrote a similar book like this one. Well, her book isn't published whatsoever. It's not even finished yet. But the similarity between hers and Cass is just ridiculous!
So yeah, that was why I decided to buy this one. Besides, it was so cheap. I couldn't help it.

The thing about me, I always reorganized my bookshelf everytime I buy new books. Here some pictures of my new organized bookshelf.

Upper Shelf
Lower shelf

Okay, The Selection is my last book for this month. I think I won't buy any new books for the next couple of months. I will save my money for something else and will try to finish books that I haven't yet read.

That's all for today.
Have a nice day.

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3 Responses to “Failed Book Shopping”

  1. Seriously The Selection hardcover only 117.000?? I already have paperback one but I really adore hardcover version because it has a pretty crown on the cover. Is the price only on Kino PIM or did you find other branch have same price? PIM is so far from my place T__T

  2. YEP! I was so shocked when I saw it. I bought it without any second thought. All the other branches have the same price. I saw it also in Kinokuniya GI. But I don't think the hardcover is still available. Just visited Kinokuniya GI and it was already sold out. Kinokuniya PIM was also sold out (I was the one who bought the last one)

    1. Aw lucky you! Then I have to be satisfied with my paperback X"D