First Book on April & Winning A Contest

Today is Friday, which means it's only a week away from the most terrifying part of being a national school student in Indonesia, National Exams. After being so terrified and depressed, I had nice things happening to me at the beginning of April.
There were two things that just happened (hopefully there will be more)

The first one... It's here people.. It's here...

Yep, my hardback copy of Clockwork Princess By Cassandra Clare. When I held the book in my hand for the first time, it didn't feel right. I think I'd prefer the Paperback but... meh...
I just want to read it right after I got it, but I still have 200 pages of Beautiful Creature that need to be read. I really hate school right now for taking away my reading time.

The excitement didn't end right there.

Periplus twitter account (@Periplus_Store) was having a contest for April Mop. The prize for the winner was this beautiful box set.

Guess who won it!
Yes people, I won it! I still can't believe that I could win the contest.
I was going to get the box set last month, but I decided not to get it because I didn't have much money. Thank God I didn't buy the box set!

April has been amazing so far. I can't wait for another surprises.

Wish me luck for my National Exam. Please.

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