Holiday & Book Haul

First of all, I'd like to announce happily that my National Exams had finally over. After four days of madness and struggle, I'd finally finished my study. I know the announcement hasn't come out yet, but I'm quite sure I'm gonna pass. I have to or else I'd write my suicide note in this blog. (Just kidding; Not kidding)

School had been really hectic and I had no time to read anything. Since school is finally over, there's going to be a payback! This month I got quite much books. Some of them are secondhand books, I bought it from English Book Club ID's founder, Nicole. You can find Book Club ID's twitter by clicking this link.

Books of April:
1. Struck By Lightning By Chris Colfer
2. Mockingjay By Suzanne Collins

The Mortal Instruments Series By Cassandra Clare:
1. City of Ashes
2. City of Glass
3. City of Fallen Angels
4. City of Lost Souls

The Infernal Devices Series By Cassandra Clare:
1. Clockwork Angel
2. Clockwork Princess

I know in my previous post, I told you guys that I won The Hunger Games Box Set from Periplus. So why it isn't in my book haul this month?
Well, they did a mistake. They promised me The US box set but what I got was Asian Edition box set and the books were torn and folded. It also had "Damaged Book" label on it. I complained about my inconvenience and since the box set was out of stock, they offered me a Periplus voucher worth 200.000 IDR instead. I took the offer and got City of Lost Souls and Struck By Lightning.

I'm currently have no The Hunger Games series in my bookshelf except Mockingjay. I'd sold my translated copy and currently saving up my money to get the first two books before Catching Fire movie is released.

I replaced my translated copy of Clockwork Angel as well to match my other Infernal Devices series.
I know Clockwork Princess technically is not an April's book. But the book was arrived on April, so yeah....

I won't buy anymore books because I've spent so much money for books lately and I'm currently broke because of my farewell trip with they guys to Bali this May.

For you who had school done like me, Congratulation guys you've done your best! Now go to your bed, act like a lazy pig for a day because you deserve it!
For you who still having school for the next couple of months, yes I know your life's suck. Hahahaha, Just kidding. Good luck with your school.

P.S: For this long holiday, I'll be starting on writing again. I have this huge ideas of Dystopian World and I'm currently developing it. Wish me luck guys!


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