"Everyday you live your life ordinary, normal. But there's only so long you can't hide from the truth."

HOLY SHIT! Hodge's speech gave me chills!

Yes, it's here people! The official second trailer of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: City of Bones. The trailer was showed at the Wondercon few days ago. But from today, all the Mundanes can watch it till they go nuts!

The thing about this trailer: IT IS SO MUCH COOLER THAN THE FIRST TRAILER! The first trailer was the reason I read City of Bones. But this second trailer makes me want to read all the books of The Mortal Instruments!
We can see lots of things in this trailer. Magnus Bane, Jocelyn Fray aka Clary's Mom, The werewolves pack and lots of other things!

I still think that Jamie Campbell doesn't fit as Jace Wayland, but I won't judge until I see the movie.

I can't wait for the movie to be released. Just reminding you once again, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones will be released on August 23rd. So relax, keep reading the books and wait until the movie hits the theater!

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