Nicely Wrapped Sunday #2

Hey guys!
How's your Sunday so far?
Mine? Despite from all the exams I'm still having this week, it's nice.

This morning, I had my first violin concert. I was so nervous, thank God it went pretty well. I did some minor mistakes, but you couldn't be perfect at your first time, right?

Rainy Tunes Concert.
So I played duet with a girl named Angela, we played The Prayer. I really love that song, so yeah I did enjoy playing it for my first concert.

Right after the concert finished, I went to a book store.. Well, after a long exam weeks and being under pressure, I need to buy books. Just to cheer myself.

It was kinda surprising when my mom let me buy a book. She never really liked my reading madness. But today, she bought me one.

Beautiful Creatures By Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. I really wanted the original cover of it, but Periplus only had the movie tie in edition so I guessed, Why not?
In Indonesia, the movie hasn't come out yet. So I still have plenty of times to finish this before I watch the movie. I don't really know why I'm so curious with the Caster series. Right after I watched the Beautiful Creatures movie trailer, I fell in love with it. It captivated me. Not to mention the soundtrack!
I love Florence & The Machine and their song, Seven Devils, fits perfectly with Beautiful Creatures.

This book is quite thick. Around 500/600 pages, I'm not sure. Well, I'm still reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown which is super thick!  I don't know when exactly I'm going to start with Beautiful Creatures, hopefully soon enough.

My copy of Clockwork Princess is still in its way to my home. It will probably arrive next week. Lots of booktubers have it in their book haul and I just can't wait!

Oh yeah, I have to mention this!
I'm doing a quite fun thing for christmas (Call me a weirdo), so I'm saving all the small change in this ugly moneybox which I bought for only 3.000 IDR

So what's the point of doing this?
I never got any christmas gift, since my parents don't celebrate christmas.
So I guess, why not buy myself a christmas gift?
That's when I have this idea of saving all the small change until the christmas. I'll buy lots of books as my christmas gift then, using the small change I've been saving. Pretty fun, right? (Or not)

Wish me luck for my yet another exam weeks. Just few weeks away from the national exam. I can't wait... Hahahaha

Have a nice weekend!


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