Cassandra Clare and Her Shadowhunter World: Don't You Have Enough of It?

Who doesn't know The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices?
This famous series all are written by Cassandra Clare. All the booktubers have her books. Some love it, some hate it. As for me, I love The Infernal Devices but I don't really like The Mortal Instruments.
The last book of The Infernal Devices, Clockwork Princess, was released a week ago. My copy is still on its way from the US.

So today I just read an article, saying that Cassandra Clare is working on her new upcoming trilogy, The Dark Artifices, which is a sequel of The Mortal Instruments. It will be a trilogy.
It means counting with the prequel, the actual series and the sequel; there will be 12 books about Shadowhunter.
I was so surprised when I heard that Cassandra Clare will also make another trilogy after The Dark Artifices.

RT @nataliebird345: " How many book series about shadowhunters are you planning to do?" I was planning five -- four trilogies and TMI.

RT @MariahSmith234: " so there will be another series after TLH?" one after TDA. It goes TiD-TLH-TMI-TDA-Sekrit unnamed project

RT @angelicamae_s: " TID, TLH and TDA.. that's only 3 trilogies. Will the fourth one be after TDA??" yes.

I'm starting to feel that Cassandra Clare doesn't want to move on. She's in her comfort zone right now. Don't get me wrong, I think she's a really good writer. But don't you think it's time to move on?

When a series has 6 books, I think it's already too much. When the 6 series books have a prequel, it's great. And when the prequel gets a sequel?

Well, time to stop Cassandra. Why?

Imagine this. In the future, 20 years from now, when our kids wanted to read books from our time. We recommended them Cassandra Clare's work and when they discovered there were 20+ books about Shadowhunter, do you think they would still read it? No. They would refuse to read it and read Harry Potter instead.

So yeah, I think it's great for Cassandra to keep writing but she needs to find a new world, new characters. Shadowhunter world is amazing but leaving it behind will make everybody remember it, miss it. By keep writing it, people will get bored and for people who haven't read her works will have no intention to read her works because it's too much.

This is just my thought.
Don't kill me.

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4 Responses to “Cassandra Clare and Her Shadowhunter World: Don't You Have Enough of It?”

  1. I agree! I love Cassandra Clare, but I think for any one world or one series, four spinoffs are too much.

    1. Thank God someone's agreed with me. I hope she will write something different in the future

  2. I for one, cant get enough of the shadowhunter world. Cassandra Clare can write as much as she wants to. If i was here twenty years from now, yes, i would read every book she has written, no matter how many. You just need to pick on somebody else. If you dont like it, oh well.

  3. I don't know if i should agree with you or not. I can not get over the shadowhunter world, but half of my heart told me i should stop reading it because there are too many books and some of the extras, like the Bane Chronicles is an ebook and since i was just 13, i can't pay for it. And there's muuuuch information that i need to know from the bane chronicles. Like why is Magnus Bane banned from Peru. And I personally feel insulted because I am a very big fan of that sexy warlock but i don't know his history