Nicely Wrapped Sunday

What did you do for Sunday?
So yesterday I went for a movie at Grand Indonesia, I'm joining BlitzClub Nonbar event. It was a very good deal. 25 IDR for a movie ticket and I also got one drink and snack.
The movie was 3AM 3D, a thai horror movie. The review will coming up later.

Do you believe in coincidence? I watched  3AM in 3D at nearly 3 PM and my seat was E-3. Too much 3 for that day. 3AM is an omnibus movie, a movie which indicates different stories in it. This is not the first thailand movie which uses this concept. The other famous horror omnibus from Thailand: Phobia, Phobia 2...

After the movie, I had a nice tasty burger. You know, there's nothing more exciting than a tasty burger on Sunday. I'd only spent 32 IDR for Burger, Fries, Ice Lemon Tea and Ice Cream. That was a pretty good deal.

The last reason why I was so in love with my Sunday, I got another book (yes,again!). I'd spent countless money for books this month and it has to be stopped soon!

The Fault in Our Stars By John Green.
People have been talking about this book and I'm dying to have it! I don't really want to read it, I just want to have it because the book cover is so freaking cool! I got the paperback edition since the hardcover was out of stock.....and of course, it's way more expensive.
John Green's TFiOS won the Goodreads Awards 2012 and it's rated 4.13 out of 5. So it's must be good, right?
I'm still working on with Percy Jackson and The Olympian: The Lightning Thief (I know it's really late to read this), I borrow the book from my school's library. I've reached page 150 and so far it's been good. As soon as I finish it, I'll move on to TFiOS and move forward to City of Ashes, Warm Bodies and try to finish Rise of Nine.

Wish you a good week!


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