Birthday & January Book Haul

Like I've said on my previous post, I wasn't buying anything last year since my last book haul. But there were few books that I got as my birthday gift (which was on October, by the way)
So here's my book haul of this month including the books I got from my Birthday.

1. Allegiant By Veronica Roth


Special credit to both of my beautiful friends, Hana & Lisa for buying me this book! I just love the Hardcover of Allegiant. I haven't finished reading this, because I think this book is kind of boring... Such a disappointment for me. But I'm planning to read this someday.. not sure when.

2. Percy Jackson & The Olympians #5: The Last Olympian By Rick Riordan


So I bought this from Periplus website. This is the last book of The Percy Jackson series. There was a special discount for this one. It was only 40.000 IDR. I haven't bought the rest of the series. I only have Sea Of Monsters. But since I'm planning on finishing this series, I thought why not buying the last book anyway. It's cheap.

3. Looking For Alaska By John Green


So one of my mission was read all John Green's book. I got an 50.000 IDR E-Voucher from Periplus. I got it by exchanging my points from buying books. So I used it to buy two John Green's book and this is one of them. I've read this one and to be honest, I didn't think it was good enough. It was okay. I liked it. But the book was too predictable and the plot was kind of flat.

4. Paper Town By John Green


This is the other John Green I was talking about. Paper Towns. I've read the first hundred pages and just like Looking For Alaska, I don't really like it so far. It's boring. It started really great and funny then when it reached page 80, the storyline just got flat and boring. I don't really think I'd like any other John Green's books except The Fault in Our Stars. This might piss you off if you're a John Green's fan, but I'm not planning to read his previous books before TFiOS.



Especially bought online from USA by my friend; Here it is people, the amazing The Hunger Games Hardcover Box Set! This is literally the best gift in my entire life! The box set is beautiful. I really love it. I got this a week before Catching Fire was released in Indonesia which gave me time to reread Catching Fire - the beautiful Hardcover Catching Fire. This is going to be the box set that I will let pass through my generation. To my children, my grandchildren, my grand-grandchildren and the list keep going........

I'm going to post my February Book Haul as soon as possible. And there are lots - by lots I mean A LOT books that I've purchased this month. I can't wait to show it to you guys..... 

P.S: When I say a lot of books, I mean like 5-10 books.. I'm not as rich as the booktubers who buy like 30 books a month.

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3 Responses to “Birthday & January Book Haul”

  1. Happy late birthday! THG box set is so pretty! 5 books also are big number for me, 30 books in a month means I won't eat for a month.......
    I've heard bad things to about Allegiant, I'll just wait for translated edition, kinda lazy to even read it :(

    1. Thanks! I know right! For the first week, I was just staring the box set in my bookshelf like a retard. Yeah, it's also big for me. But I really want to get more books! Well, I think Divergent would be a better book if it's a stand alone. Both Insurgent & Allegiant are disappointing.

    2. I have to agree with you about Divergent being a stand alone. I was excited for Insurgent, but then I was so disappointed with the story, it's mostly about Tris and Four made out or shouted each other..